Telos Fidelity

Telos Fidelity is about so much more than great sound but is the core of our beginning

  • Sound - Before we begin to consider any other aspect of a product the sound quality must meet Telos Acoustics standards for fidelity. We call this our T-Fi sound signature. Every earphone from Telos Acoustics is guaranteed to meet strict quality standards ensuring the best sound quality for your listening enjoyment.
  • Comfort - Fit and finish is also a top priority at Telos Acoustics. It's quite simple really...if your earphones are not comfortable, you won't wear them. We've spent thousands of hours designing and testing various prototypes and utilizing an assortment of materials to come up with the best combination so that you can listen to music as long as you like.
  • Stability - Careful attention is paid to making sure the balance is just right. Telos Acoustics earphones are designed to stay in without trouble. Our patent pending earphone design positions components closer to their natural center of gravity which helps them stay in longer.