When I first reviewed engineering drawings of what would become the Telos, Fujisan, the mission described by Mike and Tet could best be summarized as: "Make it look good, and don’t change anything."

Then they pointed out everything I couldn’t touch –- the ergonomic front housing, various constraints for fit on the exterior, and maintaining the interior cavities required for tech and acoustics. I also wanted to include a stem for better handling without adding frivolous bulk. Needless to say, It didn’t leave much to work with!

The streamlined edges and planar look of the FUJISAN was born of a desire to avoid the complex, organic shapes that are prevalent in in-ear headphones. Many IEM's end up looking look like bits of medical equipment as they strive for ergonomics, however, we also wanted an art -- a simple, elegant visual to match the quality of the sound.

Thanks to those who have supported our Kickstarter so far.  I can’t wait till we can deliver more and continue to improve!

- Landon