Rave reviews from the first beta tester

We've got some great reviews from the first beta tester!

"This IEM (In-Ear Monitor) manages to find close to a perfect balance of non-fatigue without sounding dull or boring.

"The stem design does allow for easy insertion into the ear though and the half in-ear design is extremely comfortable."

"To me it has a classy appearance that looks and feels higher quality

"I tested these with my most sub bass heavy songs and found the sub bass to be very well extended and the mid bass seems well presented but never heavy. I also love the texture and detail in the bass.

"I find the midrange to be slightly on the warm side but engaging.

"I really like how the treble has lots of energy with just an hint of tizziness while never coming across as hot or fatiguing.

Tetsuro Oishi
Tetsuro Oishi