I spent some time with my Telos-Fujisan on the San Francisco BART last week and subsequent flight from SFO to SLC.  

The fit is awesome!   I enjoyed speaking with others who are still looking for an in-ear that is comfortable and secure.  I quickly referred them to our Kickstarter!

- Landon


When I first reviewed engineering drawings of what would become the Telos, Fujisan, the mission described by Mike and Tet could best be summarized as: "Make it look good, and don’t change anything."

Then they pointed out everything I couldn’t touch –- the ergonomic front housing, various constraints for fit on the exterior, and maintaining the interior cavities required for tech and acoustics. I also wanted to include a stem for better handling without adding frivolous bulk. Needless to say, It didn’t leave much to work with!

The streamlined edges and planar look of the FUJISAN was born of a desire to avoid the complex, organic shapes that are prevalent in in-ear headphones. Many IEM's end up looking look like bits of medical equipment as they strive for ergonomics, however, we also wanted an art -- a simple, elegant visual to match the quality of the sound.

Thanks to those who have supported our Kickstarter so far.  I can’t wait till we can deliver more and continue to improve!

- Landon

Noise Isolation

July 17, 2015

Today I'm flying out to Tokyo! Of course I'm wearing FUJISAN during transit including inside aircraft. FUJISAN offers excellent comfort and noise isolation. You can wear it and listen to your music for many hours without irritation and fatigue.  I have actually replaced my Bose noise cancellation headphone with FUJISAN. It's small and comfortable and does not require any battery. FUJISAN's audio quality is one of the best in the market. Noise canceling headphones do great job reducing the low frequency noise. But many new aircrafts have substantially lower noise level in the cabin lately. FUJISAN's passive attenuation is quite sufficient to enjoy flights and music. FUJISAN can block out approximately 70% of low frequency noise and more than 95% of high frequency noise.

Thank you very much for your support on our KickStarter campaign! We are about to take off!!


FUJISAN's front housing, which is made of transparent polycarbonate material, has two small latches as indicated with a black arrow in the attached picture. It latches on to the black ABS rear housing. The front and rear housings are then glued together. They will never come apart. Two metal injection molded decorative parts are glued onto the black ABS parts. Just for the housing, FUJISAN has four parts which required four different tooling and an expensive manufacturing process. These are not obvious from the customers viewpoints, but demonstrate our passion and uncompromising obsession with every detail.

We've got some great reviews from the first beta tester!

"This IEM (In-Ear Monitor) manages to find close to a perfect balance of non-fatigue without sounding dull or boring.

"The stem design does allow for easy insertion into the ear though and the half in-ear design is extremely comfortable."

"To me it has a classy appearance that looks and feels higher quality

"I tested these with my most sub bass heavy songs and found the sub bass to be very well extended and the mid bass seems well presented but never heavy. I also love the texture and detail in the bass.

"I find the midrange to be slightly on the warm side but engaging.

"I really like how the treble has lots of energy with just an hint of tizziness while never coming across as hot or fatiguing.

For the next few weeks, I want to share some behind-the-scenes stories. Today’s topic is about “comfort & fit”. The first principle of headphones: If it’s uncomfortable to wear, nobody would appreciate the good audio quality. This is what I learned from my mentor in the early days. In order for you to enjoy listening to your music for a long time, we strived to deliver the most comfortable in-ear headphone that is easy to wear and securely fit to your ears. Types of materials which make contact with your skin. Nozzle angle and stem angle in all 3-axis which ensure to apply the pressure uniformly and securely stay in your ears. Nozzle length and silicon ear tips dimensions which ensure the maximum noise isolation and best acoustics. These parameters are difficult to measure, but you will immediately feel and appreciate them when you put them on!!

We recently had our pre-production version of Fujisan measured by Tyll Hertsens of Inner Fidelity and wanted to share the results with you.

We are stoked! Having just received our next round of pre-production samples, we are poised to enter the marketplace with superior sound quality. We will be looking for feedback from discriminating customers. While sound is the top priority for us, there are many details we want to get absolutely perfect. This is our first round of samples from our freshly cut molds so we expect a few rounds of fine tuning to ensure the fit and finish is up to our demanding standards.

We are at CES with limited photography gear but will take some quality pics when we return home. Until then, here's a teaser.

Telos Acoustics is proud to present you our first entry into the premium earphone market, Fujisan. The beginning of a new line of great sounding, comfortable, and secure earphones, Fujisan will be available for pre-order January 1, 2015.