Fujisan Premium In-Ear Headphones

Fujisan earphones from Telos Acoustics Summit Series are designed to provide you with the purest audio fidelity, the longest lasting comfort, and a secure fit for athletic stability.

What's Included:

  • 1 Pair Premium Earphones
  • 6 Pair Silicone Eartips
  • 1 Leather Carry Pouch


More than just another earphone company.

We are empowered by our purpose to make the perfect headphone: an earbud with premium sound, natural comfort, and athletic stability.

In a new, incredible world of music, the meaning of our name, Telos (Greek τέλος), reflects that purpose: The ultimate goal, or end. As music is not only heard, but felt, we aim to perfect that experience wherever you are.

Telos Acoustics is:

  • a company run by musicians and music lovers
  • focused on the highest sound quality
  • established 2013 in the USA
  • Mike, Tet, Landon, Jamey
  • On Twitter and Facebook

If you have questions or just want to say hello, contact us here.


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